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Pause Points Graphic Organizer

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One of the most popular strategies for using BrainPOP in the classroom is through adding pause points, briefly pausing the movie to clarify  student understanding. Turn this classic strategy into an...
Blended Lesson Plans and Games!

Using Games in Blended Lesson Plans

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Want to make your mark as a blended educator, using web-based games to enhance students' learning? Look no further than the fast-evolving world of using Digital Games Based Learning in the classroom. ...
Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

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At the end of the TSN-2 game, students will be able to use the print feature to create a report of their work. Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option allows students either to print and submit these ope...
Filament Games Teaching Strategies

Reach for the Sun Teaching Strategies

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Use these teaching strategies to enhance your students' experience of the Reach for the Sun game: How realistic is the game's representation of being a plant? Encourage students to explore this questi...

Court Quest Teaching Strategies

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Allotting Time for Court Quest: Plan on approximately 15-30 minutes of play time, depending on the learner’s reading speed and selection of timed or casual modes. Court Quest as an Individual or G...

Chain Game Hands-On Learning Strategies

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Chain Game teaches users how to replace a sound in one word to make another word, and continue to do this until they have a sequence or chain of five words. For example, a user must change one letter ...
Student-Made Games!

Ayiti Essential Questions

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What characterizes civilization and what enables it to flourish? What is the impact of society on the life of the individual, and what is the impact of the individual on society? How ...

Project T.R.I.G. Teaching Strategies

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Encourage students to experiment with the GRID and DATA options using the toggle switch. How does this information help them create more accurate trajectories and score additional points? Guide s...
Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Game Play Strategies

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In the first part of the game, you are supposed to match objects, thoughts and sentences with the correct boy. Match an object by pointing at it with the mouse, drag it with the mouse button pressed d...

Control of the Cell Cycle Tips and Tricks

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As "Cell Division Supervisor" inside the cell nucleus, the learner’s job in the Control of the Cell Cycle Game is to control cell division to make sure each stage of the cell cycle occurs in the cor...