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#BPOPchat – Thursday, February 3rd 7PM ET – Differentiation

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Join BrainPOP’s next #BPOPchat Twitter chat this Thursday, March 3rd at 7:00 PM ET! Using the hashtag #BPOPchat, join us on twitter to discuss approaches to game-based learning! Click here to R...
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The Incubator School Explores Game-Based Learning

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At the Incubator School, a new school in the LA Unified School District, teachers experience a series of collaborative, game-based learning modules that prepare them to empathize with their peers and ...
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Join Us for a Game-Based Learning Meetup!

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NYC Teachers, Come Design With Us! On Saturday, February 7, BrainPOP and the Game-Based Learning NYC (GBLNYC) Meetup will be hosting our fourth Game Design Workshop, and if you’re around, we’d lo...
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Using Games in the Classroom

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Katrina Schwartz's blog post for  MindShift on November 24, 2014 entitled, "Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom" brings to light the many barriers to implementing game-based ...
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Serious Games into the K-16 Classroom with Victoria Van Voorhis

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In this video talk with Victoria Van Voorhis of Rochester discusses the challenges in taking serious games and interactive media from the margins to the mainstream across the K-16 spectrum. Her essent...
Desalination Game Brochure

Desalination Game Brochure

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Download a Desalination game brochure, which provides a pre-assessment quiz, science experiment, and background information on the deslanation process, offered by the Desalination game developer, STEM...
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After the Storm: Pre- & Post-Game Discussion Questions

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These game discussion questions for After the Storm: Day One will help you support student learning before and after game play. The pre-game discussion prompts introduce thematic concepts in the game,...
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After the Storm Literacy Game: Preparing for Game Play

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You can prepare your students for getting the most out of the literacy game After the Storm: Day One by using these great resources: Mini-Lesson: What Do Your Students Know about Hurricanes? Backg...

Institute of Play Design Pack: Game-like Learning Curriculum

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"What if every unit in your class felt like a level in a game?  What if your students were so engaged, they couldn't wait to show off what they know and get to the next level?  What if learning, col...

Institute of Play Design Pack: Systems Thinking

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Teachers at Quest to Learn schools and staff at Institute of Play use the tools in this Systems Thinking Design Pack to support teachers and students in building knowledge and skills in systems thinki...