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Join Us for a Game-Based Learning Meetup!

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NYC Teachers, Come Design With Us!

On Saturday, February 7, BrainPOP and the Game-Based Learning NYC (GBLNYC) Meetup will be hosting our fourth Game Design Workshop, and if you’re around, we’d love to see you and your ideas!  There are a few spots left in this one, so if you’re interested:

RSVP at Meetup.com

The workshop will be set up like a Game Jam – we’ll briefly discuss stages of game design and the special opportunities and challenges of the classroom before jumping right into designing games ourselves.  We’ll break into groups, choose educational goals, and design paper, physical, or digital games.  Much of the time will focus on playtesting the concepts before sharing them with the workshop.

Our last few have been great.  We’ve seen race-around-the-room games, nuanced social dynamics, augmented reality app concepts, and lots of higher-order thinking skills.