Common Core-Aligned Lessons

Common Core-Aligned Lesson Plans on BrainPOP Educators

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This screencast describes the BrainPOP Educators approach to aligning each of our lesson plans with the Common Core-Aligned State Standards. Be sure to visit our BrainPOP and the Common Core support p...

Common Core Alignments on BrainPOP Educators

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BrainPOP content is aligned with the Common Core State Standards: Watch this video to learn where to find both state standard and Common Core alignments on BrainPOP Educators. Be sure to visit our Bra...
Feature Spotlight

Integration Strategies

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Guest Blogger Mike Jones, shares some of his favorite teaching strategies to support reading comprehension using informational text in BrainPOP’s Related Reading feature. In my 7th grade science clas...

Academic Standards

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Search for common core and individual state academic standards and alignments within BrainPOP, BrainPOP jr. BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Espanol and GameUp!  ...
Ethical dilemmas and the Scale of Justice

Ethics – a New Topic to Support Common Core

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BrainPOP's newest topic, ethics, provides an accessible, engaging storyline and a terrific entry point for students to frame and build skills focused on in the Common Core State Standards. Understandi...

English Games (ELA) and The Sports Network 2!

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BrainPOP is thrilled to introduce a new category of free English Language Arts (ELA) games! When you visit the main GameUp page, you'll now see an "English Games" button which takes you to our growing...
common core and the mixer

Mixin’ it Up With the Common Core! Guest Blogger Kara Wilkins Shares Creative Ways to Use the BrainPOP Mixer

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Guest Blogger and BrainPOP Educator Kara Wilkins is chair of the Social Studies Department at Hudson Memorial School in Hudson, New Hampshire. My name is Kara Wilkins. I have been teaching at Huds...

Guest Blog: Get Your CCSS Search On!

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Special blog post by Cathleen Richardson, who has been a pioneer educational technology specialist for over 15 years.  Working closely with classroom teachers, principals and district administrators, ...