Tips for Teaching Students to Concept Map

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Watch the concept mapping movies on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. to get yourself and your class familiar with concept mapping as a teaching and learning strategy. Prompt students begin their conce...

Assessment Tips and Rubric for Concept Maps

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You can use the following questions to assess the concept maps that students create with the Make-A-Map tool: Have key vocabulary terms been effectively integrated? Has the student explained c...
uses for the Make-A-Map tool

50+ Creative Uses for the Make-a-Map Tool

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BrainPOP's Make-A-Map concept mapping tool is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few uses for the Make-A-Map tool showing you the ways you can use it in your school: (Take this list on the go wi...

Make-a-Map Teaching Resources

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Make-a-Map, BrainPOP’s interactive concept mapping tool, prompts students to make connections using BrainPOP images, keywords, and movie clips.

POPstar Lisa Parisi’s Reaction to Make-a-Map Concept Mapping Tool

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POPStar Lisa Parisi reacts with excitement as she realizes the video clip snapshots on a Make-a-Map canvas replay from specific moments of BrainPOP movies. This feature differentiates Make-a-Map from ...

Daria Roulett Talks about Make-a-Map Concept Mapping Tool

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5th grade teacher Daria Roulett speaks about the unique engagement she observed as her students used the Make-A-Map concept mapping tool in the school's computer lab....

Pick Your Panels: Vote Us Onto the Official SXSWedu Line-Up

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A big thanks to everyone who joined us at SXSWedu 2014 - we'd love to see you there again this March. But to get there, we need your help! Several BrainPOP proposals were chosen for inclusion in th...