New Features on BrainPOP

Students Discover New Features on BrainPOP!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Last summer, 4th grade teacher, Nili Bartley, from Hopkinton MA learned about all the new interactive features on BrainPOP during a training at the ISTE conference in Atlanta, GA. Last week, Mrs. Bartley began her grammar unit by showing the “Subject and Predicate” movie and encouraging her students to explore the new features on the topic page. Mrs. Bartley describes her amazement: in only a few minutes, some students “went right to the Sortify game and loved every minute of it . . .a few took the quiz as well as checked out Related Reading and Q & A.” Still other students discovered the brand new Make-a-Map concept mapping tool, now featured on every BrainPOP topic page for teachers and students with individual “My BrainPOP” accounts. Best discovery – all the students could send their activities directly to Mrs. Bartley’s Teacher “My BrainPOP”account and she could see how everyone was progressing! Students then listed all their discoveries on chart paper – all made within the confines of a short, half hour exploration!

With so many new features on BrainPOP topic pages, there are literally hours of guided and open-ended activities for students to engage with.

Have you tried letting students discover the new BrainPOP features on their own? What did they find? Let us know in the comments!