Educator Resources for Nellie Bly

Extra! Extra! Read—uh, watch all about Nellie Bly, a pioneer of investigative journalism! At a time when most women were confined to the home, Bly made her name as a daring reporter who went to great lengths to uncover the truth. Whether going undercover at a "madhouse" for women, reporting from the front lines of World War I, or exposing a corrupt foreign dictator, Bly braved dangerous conditions to get the truth. But while the era's yellow journalism was focused on sensationalism, Bly added substance to her stories. Her exposé of a mental hospital uncovered inhumane treatment of patients, many of whom weren't even mentally ill. Her 72-day journey around the world proved that women could accomplish anything on their own. And her stories on the most downtrodden members of society led to public outcry and reforms. Want to learn more about a woman who broke stories and barriers? Press "play" to get the scoop!