Educator Resources for Energy Pyramid

You’re familiar with the food chain--plants get eaten by animals, which get eaten by predators, and so on. But have you ever wondered why the food chain exists in the first place? Well, wonder no more. In the BrainPOP movie on the energy pyramid, Tim explains that the food chain is nature’s way of distributing energy throughout entire ecosystems! It all starts with photosynthesis: You’ll discover how plants, algae, and other producers convert the sun’s heat energy into glucose, a form of chemical energy that fuels all life! You’ll learn why there are fewer organisms at the top of the food chain than at the bottom, and how all the energy contained in your body originally came from the sun! Finally, you’ll find out why so little of the energy animals consume is stored in their bodies, and where the rest of it goes. Although we sort of wish the energy pyramid had mummies and treasure in it, it’s still pretty cool, so click the button and learn!

Lesson Plans

Lesson plan coming soon.