Educator Resources for Cell Phone

Have you ever wondered how a device that fits into your pocket can allow you to call anyone in the world? Well, in the BrainPOP movie on cell phones, Tim and Moby explain exactly how cellular technology works, and how cell phones differ from the “regular” phones in your house! You’ll discover how an interlocking series of “cells” allows you to talk from almost anywhere, and why cell phones themselves only need a little bit of power to function. You’ll also learn what cell phones have in common with radios, and what, exactly, a duplex system is. Finally, BrainPOP’s dynamic duo will tell you all about the history of cell phones. So set your phone to vibrate, stop texting your friend, and watch this movie!

Lesson Plans

Touch Screens Lesson Plan: Make a Diagram

Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12