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Introducing Yard Games!

Posted by jglassman on

Kids love to play in the Yard!  Now they can with our newly expanded collection of Yard Games from our partner, University of Wisconsin’s Field Day Lab.  

Yard Games invite students to explore concepts across all areas of the science curriculum in an interactive, game-like environment where learning and play are seamless! Explore all nine Yard Games:

Antibiotic Resistance: Defeat multiplying bacteria with antibiotics but remember… what doesn’t kill bacteria only makes it stronger!

Carbon Cycle: Explore how carbon transforms as you move it from water to sky to land.

Earthquake: Make predictions about when an earthquake will his Square City and how powerful it will be by locating the epicenter. HINT: Triangulation is the key!

Hot Air Balloon:  Fly your hot air balloon up, up and away using your knowledge of buoyancy and gravity.

Magnet Hunt: Find secret, buried magnets using your virtual toolkit stocked with compasses, iron filings, and secret magnetic film!

Nitrogen Cycle: Discover how nitrogen changes as your moves it through the environment, from plants to deer, to clouds.

Water Cycle: Move water from the ocean to the sky and back again.

Wave Combinator: Form new waves using what you know about amplitude, wavelength, and offset.

Wind Simulator: Whoosh! Change wind and air pressure to create new weather patterns.


All Yard Games come with the SnapThought® tool, which encourages students to write about their thinking while they play.