My BrainPOP for BrainPOP ELL is Here!

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You asked and we answered! We’re excited to announce that My BrainPOP – a suite of features that lets teachers and students at your school or homeschool keep track of learning – is now available on BrainPOP ELL!

Teachers with school-wide access to our English language learning program automatically have access to My BrainPOP features at no extra charge – whether they access BrainPOP ELL as part of a Combo subscription or it’s the only resource in use.

With My BrainPOP ELL, students receive individual log-ins. They’re able to submit quizzes and the work they’ve done on the Read It feature (reading comprehension); the Write It feature (writing prompt); and the placement test to teachers. Teachers, in turn, are able to see who’s watched a lesson’s movie and vocabulary and grammar animations, plus how they’ve done on the aforementioned activities. Note: students may now take the placement test across multiple sessions, stopping at any point and coming back to it later. Down the road, we’ll be adding our concept mapping tool Make-a-Map to BrainPOP ELL; that too will feed into My BrainPOP.

We hope you’re as excited about the addition of My BrainPOP ELL as we are! Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions about the newest addition to BrainPOP ELL.