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And the Gold Award Winner is. . . . Guts and Bolts!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Just like Jamaican running superstar Usain Bolt crossed the finish line for a gold at the Olympics- “Guts and Bolts” – one of BrainPOP’s own games on GameUp – is now a gold award winner all its own! Today, at the Serious Play conference in Redmond Washington- Guts and Bolts was awarded a prestigious gold award for best educational game!

In the aptly titled game, the player takes on a role similar to Dr. Frankenstein, and is tasked with putting together organs from the different body systems to make living and breathing human! By laying pipe, like a plumber, players explore the body systems, observing the multiple inputs, outputs and connections of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems.

Guts and Bolts is great for teaching, building vocabulary and schema about body systems,  but it’s also just a lot of fun! Check it out and enjoy, and if you make it to the finish of level 12, give yourself a gold, but don’t give away the ending!