Lesson Plan: Write Your Own BrainPOP Script!

Letter to Tim and Moby at BrainPOP

Having students compose their own scripts for BrainPOP is a great way to help them synthesize information about any curriculum topic or skill that they’re studying. It’s especially useful for helping students understand and explain difficult or abstract concepts.

After building background knowledge, help students create their movie’s question for Tim and Moby to answer. Have students brainstorm a list of important vocabulary words related to the topic you’re studying. You may want to use the Vocabulary Activity page for the related movie as a springboard for discussion.

Then have pairs or groups of students work together to compose their scripts using paper or digital tools. They may want to reference various BrainPOP movies to help them with script formatting. Reinforce editing and revising skills by having students exchange their scripts with another group and providing feedback through a peer conference.

See the complete directions for this activity in our Write Your Own BrainPOP Script lesson plan!

Have you had students write their own BrainPOP scripts? Share your ideas in the comments, or submit a lesson plan of your own!

  • nicolejaques

    My students wrote letters to Tim and Moby back in November. I just found them again :( Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. The problem is, my students want to send them in to Brain Pop! They think I’ve already mailed them, but I cannot find an address anywhere in the website to send them. Please help!

    • cemignano

      Hi Nicole- That’s great to hear your class has written to Tim and Moby! You can find all of our contact information here: http://www.brainpop.com/contact/

  • ktitraci

    Love BrainPop! My first graders wrote a script a couple years ago, and we acted it out. I’m going to have my fourth graders do one this year. :) Here is the link to the first grade one…

  • andrewg

    @ktitraci, that movie is adorable! Chloe does look like Annie :) We would love to include this on our BrainPOP youtube page and here on educators. Let me know if you are comfortable with that.

  • ktitraci

    That would be fine with me! My students loved creating that video! Let me know if you need anything.