All this Scratchin’ is Making me Itch!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you heard about Scratch? Well if you like BrainPOP, you’ll love Scratch. Scratch is a unique, free programming tool that can be used for game design, storytelling, animation and all sorts of multimedia projects. Based on the constructionist (not to be confused with construtivist) theories of Seymour Papert from the MIT media lab, Scratch is like recess that encourages kids to play and create in virtual space. Interestingly, Scratch incorporates a social aspect by encouraging programmers to upload  projects to the online community where they can play, comment, download and remix projects by other users.  Currently the community hosts over 2,000,000 projects, thats a lot of remixing! Here is an interview with Mitch Resnick, Professor of learning at the MIT media lab, talking about tinkering, making and remixing with Scratch.

Attention Tri-state area teachers: This weekend, NYC Scratch Day is happening at Packer School in Brooklyn. Kids, teachers, parents and Scratch fanatics from all around will come together to share, learn and program together.  If you register, look out for BrainPOP’s own Allisyn Levy.  Reach out and say hello!