BrainPOP Jr. Lessons organized by Topic.

Arctic Habitats

How do people, animals, and plants adapt to this cold, windy environment?


How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly? Watch the movie to find out.


How do animals hide in their habitats so they can hunt or stay safe?

Changing States of Matter

Explore solids, liquids, and gases and investigate how they can change.

Classifying Animals

What's your favorite animal? Explore mammals, reptiles, birds, and more!


What are ways some plants and animals adapt to this hot, dry habitat?


Why is Earth called the "Blue Planet"? Explore the third planet from the Sun!

Energy Sources

What are some renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

Extinct and Endangered Species

Why are giant pandas endangered? How can we protect living things?


Fall is in the air! Learn how some plants and animals adapt to this season.

Fast Land Changes

Earth is always changing! Explore earthquakes, floods, and more.


Something's fishy! Explore the exciting world of fish!

Food Chain

Everything's connected! Learn how living things rely on each other.


See the forest for the trees! Explore deciduous and coniferous forests.


Can you dig it? Study fossils, from plant imprints to dinosaur bones!

Freshwater Habitats

Learn how plants and animals adapt to ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes.


Ribbit! Learn how tadpoles grow into adult frogs.


Home, home on the range! Learn about grassland habitats!


What goes up, must come down! Learn about gravity!


It's getting hot in here! Learn about heat and how to measure it.


It's cold out there! Learn how some animals adapt to the cold winter.


Most of the world's animals are insects! Learn about these important creatures!


See the light! Learn about the kind of energy that helps us see.

Living and Nonliving Things

Learn about the differences between living and nonliving things!


Opposites attract! Explore magnets and learn what they attract and repel.

Making and Testing Predictions

Learn how scientists plan experiments to test their predictions.

Making Observations

Learn how to use different tools to help you observe and gather information.


You’re a mammal! Find out what makes a mammal a mammal!


Is there life on Mars? Watch the movie to learn more about the "Red Planet."


Who's flying south for the winter? Learn how and why some animals migrate.


Have you seen the man on the Moon? Learn about Earth's closest neighbor.

Natural Resources

Learn to conserve! Explore renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

Ocean Habitats

Welcome to the Twilight Zone! Explore different zones in the ocean.

Parts of a Plant

Know your roots! Explore different parts of plants, like stems, leaves, and flowers.

Physical and Chemical Changes

What happens when ice melts? Explore ways properties of matter can change.

Plant Adaptations

Yum! Some plants "eat" insects! Learn how plants adapt to their habitats.

Plant Life Cycle

What happens when a seed germinates? Explore how plants grow.

Pushes and Pulls

Forces can change how things move. Explore motion, position, and more!


Explore the Amazon! Learn about plants and animals that live in rainforests.

Rocks and Minerals

Be a geologist! Learn about the properties of rocks and minerals.

Science Projects

Learn how you can plan, organize, and carry out a science project.

Science Skills

What skills do you need to be a scientist?

Science Tools

Look closely! Explore different tools, from microscopes to rulers!

Scientific Method

Investigate your world! Learn how to plan and conduct an experiment.


Learn about how seasons change and explore different types of weather.

Simple Machines

It's simple! Explore different tools that use force to make work easier.

Sink or Float

Why do boats float? Learn why some objects sink and why others float!

Slow Land Changes

Explore how weathering and erosion shape our land over time.


Dig up some dirt! Learn how living things depend on this natural resource.

Solar System

Is Pluto a planet? Learn about our Sun and the bodies in our Solar System.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

What's the matter? Learn about the different states of matter all around you.


Did you hear what I hear? Explore sound and learn how it travels.


Spring has sprung! Learn what some plants and animals do in the spring.


What do plants and animals do during summer? Watch the movie to find out.


Fun in the sun! Explore how living things rely on the Sun's energy.


One, two, tree! Learn about how trees grow and change!

Water Cycle

Learn how water moves on, above, and below the surface of the Earth.


It's a winter wonderland! Explore how some living things adapt to this season.