Accompanying every BrainPOP Jr. topic is an interactive Word Play activity featuring five key vocabulary words from the movie. Here are fun and creative ways to support students’ vocabulary development with Word Play:

What’s Your Definition? Show the words before watching the movie. Challenge students to create a definition in their own words, then click the word to reveal the definition.

Important Words:  Students to brainstorm the five most important vocabulary words they learned about in the movie. Then display Word Play on a whiteboard. Which words were on their list? Which weren’t.

Words at Home: Click the printer icon and select “Save as PDF” . Share the PDF with students and their families by uploading it to your class blog or attaching it to an email, and encourage students to continue their word work at home.

Act it out: Select a word and click the “Act” tab. Pair students to act out a short dialog using the word in context.  Choose a pair to present to the class and transcribe their words into the feature interface.