Every BrainPOP Jr. topic page has an interactive word wall with 5 key vocabulary terms from the movie. Here are fun and creative ways you can use this tool with children:

What’s Your Definition? Show the word wall prior to watching the movie. Challenge students to create a definition in their own words, then click on the word to reveal the BrainPOP Jr. definition.

Reverse It: Click on all the word cards to reveal their definitions, then project the page for students to see. Invite students to read each definition and figure out the corresponding vocabulary term.

Important Words: Challenge students to brainstorm the 5 most important vocabulary words they heard in the movie. Then display the word wall and compare it to students’ lists.

Printed Word Walls: Click the printer icon to print the list of words and their definitions. Make copies for students to keep in their personal word wall folders or notebooks, or cut the words apart and add them to the word wall hanging in your classroom.

Big Word Wall: Use BrainPOP Jr’s Big Word Wall to explore the vocabulary terms from all our movies. You can access the words alphabetically and by subject area. Challenge your students to learn a new word everyday!

Words at Home: Click the printer icon and select “Save as PDF” from your printing options. Share the PDF with students and their families by uploading it to your class blog or attaching it to an email, and encourage students to continue their word work at home.