Each BrainPOP Jr. topic page features two 5 question quizzes: an easy version and a hard version. Both versions provide a print option as well as an online option. Here are some ways you can utilize the quizzes:

Show Your Sign: When taking or reviewing the quiz as a class, have students use their hands to indicate their answers. For example, you might use the sign language alphabet, or decide that 1 finger means answer choice A, 2 fingers means answer choice B, and so on.

Write It Out: Give each student an individual dry erase board (a class set of these can be made very inexpensively by purchasing a piece of shower board or tile board at your local home improvement store and having them cut it into 30 one foot by one foot squares.) Have students write their quiz answers on their boards and hold the boards up for you to check. This is a great activity for math quizzes when students need space to show their work.

Students in Charge: Have a student volunteer go over the quiz answers with the class. Project the PDF of the printed version of the quiz on your interactive whiteboard and have the student call on other students to tell the correct answer and circle it on the board.

Make Your Own Quiz: After taking the quiz, have students work collaboratively to create an additional question for the class to answer. Show each group’s question and answer choices on your interactive whiteboard and challenge the rest of the class to find the right answer.

Easy Then Hard: Use the easy quiz as a pre-assessment tool before beginning your instructional unit and the hard quiz as a post-assessment tool at the end of the unit. You can also have students take the easy quiz immediately after viewing the movie and take the hard quiz later on in the unit once they’ve had a chance to delve more deeply into the topic.