Use these Sortify Discussion Starters to help students reflect on their learning during and after the Sortify: American Indians game, and expand the discussion to how game play relates to real life.

  • What strategies did you use when choosing your bucket labels?

  • How did you decide which bucket to place your tiles in when there was more than one option?

  • Which tiles were the most difficult to sort? Why?

  • What correlations or patterns did you notice between regions and occupations?
  • Were there any bucket labels that were confusing to you? How did you figure it out?

  • What are some other ways your tiles could have been sorted?

  • If you could create 5 additional tiles to include in the game, what would they be?
  • How might the game have been different if another tribe had been featured?
  • What other vocabulary related to American Indians would fit in the ‘large cities’ bucket?