Here are some tips to help you use the iCivics social studies game Do I Have Right? with your students:

  • Have students use their real names if you plan to collect their game results.
  • Make sure students pay attention to their partner’s constitutional specialty. This information appears on the screen after they choose their partner.
  • Initially, tip bubbles will appear that tell students what to do, pausing the game. As the game progresses, tip bubbles will taper off.  Students can turn them back on by clicking the Help button.
  • If the firm does not have a lawyer with the correct specialty, asking the new client to come back tomorrow buys time to expand the firm’s skills.  If the appropriate lawyer is busy with another client, you  can have the new client wait, but if the client loses patience before the lawyer returns, she or he will storm off.
  • You can click on the Team Review button at any time to stop the clock and see who your lawyers are.
  • Inform students that they can click on the Rights Review button at any time to stop the clock and see a list of amendments.

Adapted from Source