These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Author’s Purpose topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Read All About It 

 With your child, browse through a newspaper or magazine. Together, determine which articles or even advertisements are intended to persuade, inform, or entertain readers. Encourage your child to give evidence that helped them figure out the author’s purpose. Share with your child whether you prefer articles that inform, persuade or entertain, and why. Then, have them share their favorites and why.

Find Your Purpose

Invite your child to think of a topic that interests them. It might be a favorite animal, a game they enjoy, or a place they love. Then, ask them to consider how they might discuss the topic in different ways to persuade, inform, or entertain others about it. How might they persuade someone that a dog is the best pet to have? What might they say to inform others about the rules of checkers? What story might they tell  about a hike in their favorite park? Challenge them to consider how their purpose impacts the information they choose to share and the language they use to describe their topic.