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BrainPOP at SXSWedu 2018: Cast Your Votes!

Posted by Traci K. on

Shape the SXSWedu line-up! The 2018 conference Panel Picker is officially open, which means you can cast your votes now through August 25th for the sessions you'd most like to see in Austin in March....

Run a County Lesson Plan: Counties Work Game

Posted by jglassman on

In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 5-12, students play a game called Counties Work, in which they play the role of county official, helping fellow citizens while managing taxes and local emerge...

6 new Drafting Board games are now on GameUp!

Posted by SM Bruner on

That's right--we've got six new games from the Drafting Board series, created by our incredible partner iCivics. Drafting Board games are designed to allow students in grades 5-12 to explore the proce...
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Executive Command Essential Questions

Posted by SM Bruner on

How and why are governments established? What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of the checks and balances system? What are the benefits and problems of being in charge of the exec...
Argument Wars Social Studies Game

Argument Wars Social Studies Game: Essential Questions

Posted by SM Bruner on

What characterizes civilization and what enables it to flourish? What is the purpose of government/the court system? Is it ever okay to break the law? Talk with students about these essentia...
Branches of Power trailer

Branches of Power Game Trailer

Posted by SM Bruner on

Check out this short Branches of Power game trailer from iCivics to see the game in action!...
presidential inaugurations

Guest Blogger: Todd LaVogue and His Students Take Field Trip to the Presidential Inauguration

Posted by cemignano on

You might remember Todd LaVogue from his guest blog post back in September. He continues to do incredible projects with his students and was able to organize and complete a field trip for 38 students ...
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Branches of Power Essential Questions

Posted by SM Bruner on

What is power? How does our country’s court system affect the lives of citizens? How are our government’s and court’s practices related to (and influenced by) time, location, an...
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Preparing to Play Supreme Decision

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Make sure learners have the background knowledge when preparing to play Supreme Decision. Students should know: What the Constitution and the First Amendment are The job of the Supreme Court, ...
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Executive Command Game Play Strategies

Posted by cemignano on

Gaining the Support of Congress: The game play strategies key to the Executive Command game is to focus on winning support from Congress for the President’s signature issue that was chosen in the...