Get Your Game On for the Presidential Election!

Posted by cemignano on

The presidential election is just around the corner and GameUp has quite a few games that will engage your students while learning about the election process. With a special election edition of “Budget Hero,” students will form a better understanding of the budget impact of President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney’s policies, as well as those plans championed by their running mates. Additionally, our friends at iCivics have created some excellent election-focused interactive games that you can find on GameUp. “Win the White House” takes students on the campaign trail to explore both the primary and general elections and the Electoral College. Once they’ve secured the president’s seat, a round of “Executive Command” will give them the opportunity to exercise their power and learn about the day-to-day obligations of our nation’s leader.

Not sure of where to begin?  All of our GameUp games have related teacher resources to support the use of these games in the classroom. And don’t forget to check out our election spotlight for additional games and movies that are linked to the election.