Concept Mapping Tips

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Strategies for using concept mapping with English language learners...
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Lights, Camera, Action… Introducing Make-a-Movie!

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Make-a-Movie, the newest addition to our suite of creation tools. Make-a-Movie empowers teachers and students to make their own BrainPOP-style movi...

ELL-Friendly Games on GameUp

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Looking for games for your English Language Learners? Look no further! BrainPOP has pulled together an excellent collection of ELL-friendly games that require minimal reading, and span the curriculum ...

1.6.1 Make-a-Map Ideas

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Create a map about the events that happened in the movie. Make a map about all the places that Ben Looked in the house. Make a map illustrating how to make the past simple with regular verbs...

ELL lesson 1.1.2 – Make-a-Map Examplar

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Drag any of the images to the screen and write what it is. For example: It is a cat. In a new text box, write the sentence It is not a _______.  Drag any appropriate images from the image bank to illu...

My BrainPOP for BrainPOP ELL

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Originally Recorded March 2016 My BrainPOP is now available on BrainPOP ELL, our award-winning English language learning program. My BrainPOP ELL lets you keep track of students’ work and progress ...


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What is WIDA? World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) is an organization that advances academic language development and academic achievement for English learners through their English ...

We need YOUR feedback on how BrainPOP supports ELLs!

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Are there non-native English speakers in your class? If so, we'd love your input! We're interested in learning more about how you use BrainPOP resources with English Language Learners. Would you ta...
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

Have You Tried the BrainPOP ELL Placement Test?

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We're thrilled to announce the beta launch of the BrainPOP ELL placement test, designed to identify where in the award-winning English language learning program your students should begin. For details...
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

BrainPOP ELL on Android: There’s an App for That!

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There’s an app for that! English language learners and teachers can now take Ben and Moby on the go with the newly launched app offering BrainPOP ELL on Android. The latest addition to our suite of m...