Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This lesson plan, adaptable for grades 3-12, invites students to explore BrainPOP resources to learn about personal hygiene. After studying different types of personal hygiene, students will select a focus within the personal hygiene topic and produce an infomercial using BrainPOP’s Make-a-Movie.


Lesson Plan Common Core State Standards Alignments

Students will:

  1. Explore the resources related to the Personal Hygiene topic, including the Movie, Quiz, and Related Readings.
  2. Select a subsection within personal hygiene topic (hand-washing, personal space care, dental hygiene) which students will research.
  3. Use Make-a-Map to plan their personal hygiene infomercial.
  4. Use Make-a-Movie to produce an infomercial about their selected area within the personal hygiene topic.
  5. Present their movie to peers.


  • Internet access for BrainPOP
  • Interactive whiteboard


  • Preview the Personal Hygiene movie and features to plan for any adaptations.
  • Preview the suggested discussion prompts accessible on the the topic Lesson Idea Page.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Make-a-Map and Make-a-Movie features and the Personal Hygiene topic-related topics you'll encourage students to explore, including dental care, or hand washing. 
  • Lesson Procedure:

    1. Invite all students to take the Personal Hygiene Topic Quiz (in Review mode) to assess what they know about the topic.
    2. Prompt a class discussion inviting students to share what they learned from the quiz about personal hygiene, what they know, and what they hope to learn.
    3. Show the movie on the whiteboard or other display to the whole class. Turn on the closed caption option to aid in comprehension.
    4. Pause as needed to discuss the movie, or use the discussion prompts to engage dialogue. 
    5.  Pair students and have them open Make-a-Map. As they watch the movie again from within Make-a-Map, have them take notes on the various categories of hygiene the movie addresses, such as teeth. After, have them review Related Reading and note any additional categories to their map. 
    6. Bring the class together. Ask students what they could do to promote health through personal hygiene. Explain to the class that they will create an infomercial about one or more aspects of personal hygiene that will instruct others how to follow healthy practices. Explain that an infomercial is a commercial that provides information -- in this case about personal hygiene.
    7. Instruct pairs to select one of the areas of hygiene they identified on their maps. These may include dental care, handwashing, cleaning personal space, or something else. Using Make-a-Movie, have students produce an infomercial about the area of hygiene they selected. 
    8. To emphasize the selling part of an infomercial, encourage pairs to come up with a related product or service  to sell ("BacBlast, the Blueberry-flavored Bacteria-Busting Toothpaste"). Or, they can simply promote personal hygiene tips. 
    9. Students share their movies with the class. After everyone has presented, discuss how the movies were alike and different, and which presented the most compelling reasons for prioritizing personal hygiene in our everyday lives, and why.