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Virtual Labs: Testing for Corn Mold Science Game

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Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for Virtual Lab: Testing for Corn Mold, a free online science game....

Ninja Kitchen is now on GameUp

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We at BrainPOP are super excited to present the Ninja Kitchen game from our partners at NMSU's Learning Games Lab! Ninja Kitchen is a unique and innovative game that allows students in grades 3-8 to...

Cause and Effect Chain

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This graphic organizer requires students to identify a chain of cause and effect events. This cause and effect chain can be used to explore causality in several curriculum areas, including literature,...
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Pause Points Graphic Organizer

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One of the most popular strategies for using BrainPOP in the classroom is through adding pause points, briefly pausing the movie to clarify  student understanding. Turn this classic strategy into an...
Ethical Decision Making

Developing Ethical Decision-Making Through Play

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Can a game teach children to navigate ethical minefields? Scot Osterweil (of MIT Education Arcade) and Peter Stidwill (Learning Games Network) designed Quandary to do just that. They’ll demo this m...

Story Impression Learning Strategy

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In the Story Impression strategy, pairs of students write a one-paragraph story together, using new vocabulary words. The teacher designates which words or phrases to use, and lists them in the order ...

Chef Solus’ Build A Meal Health Game

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Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for Chef Solus' Build-a-Meal, a free online health game for teaching nutrition, health, and science concepts....

1.1.3 Be (Questions) Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ESL movie, What Is It? (L1U1L3), Moby comes to visit Ben, bringing him a surprise. As Ben tries to guess what’s in the box, students are introduced to the interrogative form of the ...

1.1.2 The Verb to Be (Negative) Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ESL movie Magic Show (L1U1L2), Moby and Ben introduce the negative forms of the verb to be in the present tense. The lesson plan, adaptable for grades K-8, engages students through h...

Concept Attainment Learning Strategy

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The Concept Attainment strategy engages students in forming their own definition of a concept by examining the attributes of several examples and non-examples of the word, concept, or topic. The model...