sequencing sentence strips activity

Uncle Joe’s Restaurant Sequencing Sentence Strips

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In pairs, students match the sentence halves, and then put them in the correct sequence according to the movie, in this sequencing sentence strips activity. When they have finished, have them watch th...
past progressive parallel actions sentence strips

Parallel Actions Sentence Strips

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Use this sentence strip activity with the movie Looking for Lucky, to practice the past progressive with parallel actions....
uses for the Make-A-Map tool

50+ Creative Uses for the Make-a-Map Tool

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BrainPOP's Make-A-Map concept mapping tool is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few uses for the Make-A-Map tool showing you the ways you can use it in your school: (Take this list on the go wi...

Daria Roulett Talks about Make-a-Map Concept Mapping Tool

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5th grade teacher Daria Roulett speaks about the unique engagement she observed as her students used the Make-A-Map concept mapping tool in the school's computer lab....
ESL app

The BrainPOP ESL App for iOS is Now Available on iTunes!

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You’ve been asking, and now we’ve answered! Attention ELL teachers: the much-anticipated BrainPOP ESL app for iOS is now live on iTunes! The newest addition to our suite of learning apps gives ...
Get started with brainpop

4 Resources to Help You Get Started with BrainPOP

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Do you want to get started with BrainPOP this school year? Check out the following resources from our New Subscriber page to get familiarized with what we have to offer: 1. Subscription Overviews: ...
What's new on BrainPOP

5 Easy Ways to See What’s New on BrainPOP

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Want to know What's New on BrainPOP? Here's a way to find out about our movie of the day, spotlight lessons and movie topics, recent movies/lessons/games we've added, and timely BrainPOP resources tha...
progressive tense parallel actions

Characters in Action: Progressive Tense

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Cut out and use the images to practice the progressive tense to describe parallel actions....
BrainPOP ESL on Android!

BrainPOP ESL on Android: There’s an App for That!

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There’s an app for that! English language learners and teachers can now take Ben and Moby on the go with the newly launched app offering BrainPOP ESL on Android. The latest addition to our suite of...
Summer Slump and Math Games

Avoiding the “Summer Slump” with Math Games

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Today's guest blogger, Derek Lomas, shares research about the dreaded summer slump and ways to support students from losing progress over the summer. Derek is a  learning scientist at Carnegie Mellon...