compare contrast graphic organizer

Compare Contrast Graphic Organizer

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Use this compare contrast graphic organizer to write an essay comparing two things....
paragraph graphic organizer

Paragraph Graphic Organizer

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Use this Paragraph Graphic Organizer to help write a one-paragraph essay with a topic sentence, three details, and a concluding sentence....
BrainPOP Educators’ Self-Guided Overview Course

BrainPOP Educators’ self-guided overview course

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We hear lots of teachers say there are far more resources on BrainPOP than they ever knew were there! GameUp, the Quiz Mixer, and the Make-A-Map Tool are just three of many new features we've added t...
highlighed options for writing a question on BrainPOP mixer

New Question Type on the BrainPOP Mixer™!

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We’ve added a new question type to the Mixer! Teachers now have the ability to further customize assessments by including poll questions on their My BrainPOP Mixer-created quizzes. The new poll ques...
BrainPOP twitter chat

How Real Teachers Use BrainPOP Today

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How do teachers use BrainPOP? Check it out--and let us know how you use BrainPOP and BrainPOP Educators. We've loved hearing from these educators on Twitter about how BrainPOP is benefiting their stud...
carrie and andrew ready to help with My BrainPOP

Questions about BrainPOP? Ask Us!

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Do you have any questions about BrainPOP? POP in to our virtual office hours and ask! Both Carrie and Andrew are experienced classroom teachers who can offer you lots of practical tips for integrating...
screenshot of BrainPOP Youtube video page with caption Help Us Help You at the bottom

Follow BrainPOP on YouTube!

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Did you know that we have our very own BrainPOP YouTube Channel? Click on Videos and you'll find overviews to help you get started with BrainPOP and discover new tips and tricks. You'll also fin...
endangered species table with 4 columns asking for who, what, why, and other facts.

Endangered Species Graphic Organizer

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Use this graphic organizer to take notes as you learn about a variety of endangered species....
verb word search past participles

Verb Word Search

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Find the hidden verbs in this verb word search, and then write them in the past simple and past participle forms....
past perfect

I Had Overslept Activity Page

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Combine pairs of sentences into one, using the past simple and past perfect and a conjunction....