carrie and andrew ready to help with My BrainPOP

Questions about BrainPOP? Ask Us!

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Do you have any questions about BrainPOP? POP in to our virtual office hours and ask! Both Carrie and Andrew are experienced classroom teachers who can offer you lots of practical tips for integrating...
screenshot of BrainPOP Youtube video page with caption Help Us Help You at the bottom

Follow BrainPOP on YouTube!

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Did you know that we have our very own BrainPOP YouTube Channel? Click on Videos and you'll find overviews to help you get started with BrainPOP and discover new tips and tricks. You'll also fin...
endangered species table with 4 columns asking for who, what, why, and other facts.

Endangered Species Graphic Organizer

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Use this graphic organizer to take notes as you learn about a variety of endangered species....
verb word search past participles

Verb Word Search

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Find the hidden verbs in this verb word search, and then write them in the past simple and past participle forms....
past perfect

I Had Overslept Activity Page

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Combine pairs of sentences into one, using the past simple and past perfect and a conjunction....
perfect tense

Past Tense Short Answer Cards

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Use these past tense short answer cards to practice asking questions using the past and perfect tenses....
BrainPOP & Game Developers

BrainPOP & Game Developers: Changing the Way Kids Learn

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BrainPOP & Game Developers play nicely together, which is why the concepts of feedback and partnership are at the core of GameUp, BrainPOP's learning games portal. By definition, GameUp is a place...
Primary sources

Primary Source Activities That Are Currently On BrainPOP

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We're in the process of adding Primary Sources to our movie topics, giving you one more way to build cross-disciplinary literary skills! Our Primary Source activities present students with provocative...
games in the classroom

Using Games in the Classroom

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Katrina Schwartz's blog post for  MindShift on November 24, 2014 entitled, "Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom" brings to light the many barriers to implementing game-based ...
order of adjectives

Order of Adjectives Chart

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Use this chart as a reference and activity for word order of adjectives....