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Playing Time Zone X

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This screencast provides contextual help for playing the GameUP game Time Zone X.  ...
teaching with digital models

The Educator’s Guide to Teaching with Digital Interactive Models

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BrainPOP's GameUp features simulations, interactive models, and (of course) games. Each of these three types of resources have a unique purpose and benefit for students: Simulations are Dynamic re...
Teaching with Digital Simulations

The Educator’s Guide to Teaching with Digital Simulations

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All games are not created equal, and many resources that are commonly referred to as games are actually digital simulations or interactive models. The difference isn't just a matter of semantics: e...
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Using Sortify

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This screencast provides a brief overview of the GameUp game Sortify....
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Using SnapThought®

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This screencast provides a brief overview of the SnapThought® tool....
Virtual Labs on GameUp

2 New Virtual Labs are Now on GameUp

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Virtual labs are the perfect way to prepare students for using a real science lab, and they're a terrific alternative when you aren't able to provide as many hands-on investigations as you'd like. ...
Addition Blocks

Building Fluency with Math Games on GameUp!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The first few weeks of school are spent reviewing those skills and concepts students learned the previous year, but may not have practiced over the summer. Math skills are often among those “forgott...
teaching with games

10 Ways Game-Based Learning Can Enhance Your Curriculum

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Have you been wanting to try out game-based learning in your classroom? Here are ten ways games can enhance your curriculum and help students meet standards: 1. Make repetition more engaging (and e...
gls conference

Learning With Games at #GLS11

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BrainPOP staffer Allison Mishkin recently attended the GLS conference and is sharing the learning with us here on the blog today. Thanks, Allison! The 11th annual Games+Learning+Society Conference ...
game-based learning

Research Shows the Power of Game-Based Learning

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Our GameUp partner, EdGe at TERC  is passionate about game-based learning! They're a team of designers, educators, and researchers working together to study how game-based learning can be measured an...