School Makerspace Resources for #nationofmakers

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It's the national #weekofmaking and we're excited to share ideas that help you support students in becoming builders, creators, designers, and problem solvers. You can use the comprehensive listing...
media literacy

Re-Mixed Media: Inspiring Kids to Question What They Consume

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In today's media-saturated world, kids contend with a constant stream of mass media content. From emails and apps to ads and podcasts, they're plugged in almost every waking second of the day. Though ...
Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is Friday, March 13th

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Digital Learning Day is a national campaign to spotlight the effective use of technology in America’s classrooms. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or next month, it’s important to take an opportun...
Nili PD Blog Post

Guest Blogger Nili Bartley Puts a Spin on Professional Development

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Guest blogger Nili Bartley from Hopkinton, MA is a 4th grade teacher who has taken a different approach to training and professional development. Read on to learn about how Nili's students helped get ...
back to school

Back to School 2014 with BrainPOP

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Labor day has passed, and school is back in session!  Here are some ideas for using BrainPOP during the first few weeks of school. 1) Set up My BrainPOP with your students. Did you know that your s...

Common Sense Media Launches Digital Passport Mobile

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Ever played Share Jumper or Search Shark by Common Sense Media on GameUp? These are game modules from Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport™. They support BrainPOP and Common Sense Media’s shar...

Discovering Digital Tools for Learning With

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Pinpointing the best digital tools for your students can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s, a free service from the non-profit Common Sense Media. Through rigorous ratings and...
Student Animation Stills

BrainPOP Inspires Student Animation Projects

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Guest Blogger Cheryl Phillips in an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in Prince William County Public Schools, VA.  In today's guest blog post, Cheryl shares how BrainPOP is now inspiring her...
Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure – BrainPOP’s Newest Topic

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Peer Pressure is a part of growing up, and BrainPOP wants to help students better understand its effects. As you get older, you’ll find yourself spending less time around your parents, and more time...

Apps that Close the Gap Summit

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BrainPOP is proud to be sponsoring the Apps that Close the Gap Summit at Teachers College, Columbia University this Saturday May 11th.  This unique day long summit is designed to address using techn...