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4 Ways BrainPOP Supports Distance Learning

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The digital nature of BrainPOP makes it equally powerful in the classroom and for distance learning.  School closures due to weather or more recently, the coronavirus outbreak, have led to a growin...
Get to know a CBE

Non-Traditional Assessment with CBE of the Month Stephanie Dalton

Posted by cemignano on

We’d like to introduce you to December’s Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month, Stephanie Dalton! Stephanie became a CBE in the fall of 2018, is an 8th grade English and Composition teacher, and ha...

Vidcode Rubric

Posted by jglassman on

Download this rubric to assess student projects and code....

Computational Practices Rubric

Posted by jglassman on

This rubric assesses students’ fluency with computational practices...

The Inaugural BrainPOP Leadership Summit: A Round-Up

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We spent the weekend in Clearwater Beach, hosting a group of teachers and administrators at our inaugural Leadership Summit. This two-day event was designed to highlight - for education leaders - the ...

Creative Coding Assessment Rubric

Posted by jglassman on

A printable rubric to assess coding projects....

Why Use Related Reading?

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP’s high-interest, fact-filled Related Reading articles invite students to deepen and extend their understanding of a BrainPOP topic while seamlessly practicing important reading comprehension ...
New on BrainPOP

Challenge Students With Our Newest Feature

Posted by Traci K. on

We’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of our newest feature, the Challenge! The auto-graded,  mobile-ready Challenge is designed to help measure students’ understanding of a given topic and provi...
On the Road

Thumbs Up for BrainPOP’s Proposed SXSWedu 2017 Panels

Posted by Traci K. on

The SXSWedu Panel Picker is officially open through September 2! Shape the conference line-up and help get BrainPOP onto the 2017 schedule by casting your vote for the sessions we’re involved with: A...

BrainPOP Professional Development: We Come to You!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We are thrilled to announce the debut of a BrainPOP Professional Learning workshops, a new “in person” professional development program that features sessions on relevant topics like BrainPOP for asse...