Educator Resources for Clefs and Time Signatures

Have you ever looked at a piece of written music and wondered what those strange symbols and numbers represent? Well, wonder no more! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby explain the basics of clefs and time signatures. You’ll begin by discovering the difference between the bass and treble clef, and learning how you can use these symbols to figure out where different notes are placed on the musical staff. You’ll also find out why instruments like guitars and flutes play music written in the treble clef, and why instruments like trombones and bassoons play music written in the bass clef! Moving on, you’ll discover how the numbers in time signatures explain the rhythms in a piece of music. Count and clap along as you hear examples of pieces with different rhythms, and learn how sophisticated composers and musicians write complex pieces with difficult, shifting time signatures. So put your dancing shoes on, and get ready to learn!