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BrainPOP 101 in Action – A CBE’s Experience

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Certified BrainPOP Educator, Jessie Erickson, joins us on the blog to share how she’s using BrainPOP 101 in her district to train teachers on everything BrainPOP has to offer. Read on to learn about Jessie’s experience and the reactions of her colleagues – we think you’ll be inspired to jump right into BrainPOP 101, too!

This school year, I hosted a Professional Growth class for Grand Forks Public School teachers. In this course they were able to complete the BrainPOP 101 course through BrainPOP at their own pace in a five-month window.

Each participant was given a copy of the BrainPOP 101 slides to record their new learning. On the last slide is a link to upload a PDF of their certificate, a lesson plan incorporating BrainPOP resources, and a sample of student BrainPOP work.

Thirty-eight educators signed up for this learning opportunity through our district professional growth site. It was fun to see lesson plans and student samples as they came in.

But, even more exciting for me was the teacher anecdotal comments about how much the course changed or improved their understanding of BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr. and the resources available!

I found that the BrainPOP 101 course was really easy to complete and straightforward. I never realized all of the different components that BrainPOP offered. I’ve used some of the built- in games and Newsela articles.

Caely, Fifth Grade Teacher

I truly did learn that BrainPOP is sooooo much more than I thought it was! I want to do some more exploring and find how I can incorporate some activities within BrainPOP into Seesaw so there can be sort of evidence of all those cool learning opportunities!

Jodi, First Grade Teacher

This is another home-run for professional learning opportunities! Thank you BrainPOP for having ready to go materials that make facilitating learning so easy!