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Coding Conversations with BrainPOP & Scratch

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Looking for ways to integrate coding into your curriculum? With BrainPOP’s new Creative Coding tool, students can now “show what they know” on any topic — from grammar to geometry!

This month, try out BrainPOP’s visual programming Story project based on Scratch to code a conversation between two people, two things, or two ideas as it relates to what you’re teaching in class.   

To get started, be sure to log in with your individual educator account. Then explore some project ideas we came up with that cross the curriculum, or make up your own!


Give Women a Voice
In honor of Women’s History month, give voice to two great women as they discuss suffrage.

Change a Storyline
Rewrite a plot by changing the dialogue.

If Fractions Could Talk…
Code a conversation between fractions. Which is bigger? Smaller? What happens if they are added together?

Introduce Two Famous Scientists
What would Thomas Edison say to a modern-day scientist, or one from long before his time?


Got more Code-a-Conversation ideas? We’ve love to hear about them! Share by posting in the Comments field below or by sending us an email to

IMPORTANT: Creative Coding is an “add-on” tool. If your school doesn’t have it yet, try out our free demo today.