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What’s New at BrainPOP: August Recap

Posted by jglassman on

It’s Back-to-School time and BrainPOP is ready for you and your students!  Here’s a recap of what’s new.


Water Safety NEW

Splash! Swimming is fun and a great way to beat the heat. But before dipping your toes in, find out what you need to do and know to stay safe in the water.

Citing Sources UPDATE

Give credit where credit is due… and never ever plagiarize! Get the scoop on these rules and more in this newly updated BrainPOP topic.


You may not be old enough yet to vote, but it’s never too early to learn about democracy and the election process. Find out why voting is  more than a right–it’s a responsibility!

Malcolm X UPDATE

Click PLAY to learn all about this fiery leader of the Civil Rights movement and how his tactics differed from others.  



Immigration Nation

Apply critical thinking skills while exploring the various paths immigrants take when entering the United States in the updated iCivics game, Immigration Nation. As part of the game’s conversion from Flash to HTML5-compatible browsers, you’ll discover new graphics, a new tutorial, and new stories to follow, as well as a fully translated Spanish version of the game.



Clever Integration

Just in time for back to school, BrainPOP now features integration with Clever. Highlights include:

  • Automatic rostering. Initial rostering of student and teacher accounts plus automatic updates results in everyone logging in immediately, securely, and smoothly.
  • Single Sign-On. Convenient, seamless access to BrainPOP through Clever means there’s no need to remember or manage individual usernames and passwords.  
  • Clever Badges. These unique badges speed up the log-in process by eliminating the need to type, allowing even the youngest learners to dive into BrainPOP without teacher assistance.


District Admin Dashboard

Simplify onboarding and account management with BrainPOP’s new district-level admin dashboard. Administrators can now

  • Create individual accounts en masse
  • View usage data, including features clicked, number of logins, and number of accounts created
  • Identify the most active educators on BrainPOP
  • View all the schools managed  
  • See when subscriptions are expiring, ensuring that students never lose access  


BrainPOP 101

Whether you are a BrainPOP newbie or just need a refresher, BrainPOP 101 is for you! This series of activities are designed to help you understand how BrainPOP learning activities support you and your students as they assimilate and explore topics across the curriculum. BrainPOP 101 is available to all teachers with a My BrainPOP account.