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What’s New at BrainPOP: May Recap

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Before you head out for summer, check out what’s new on BrainPOP!  

New & Updated on BrainPOP

Memorial Day NEW
We celebrate with parades and barbecues, but what is Memorial Day really all about? Join Tim and Moby as they explore the history of this important holiday, which traces its roots all the way back to the Civil War!  

Fingerprints NEW
Calling all sleuths! You won’t want to miss this new movie all about fingerprints and how their one-of-a-kind patterns can identify who we are!

Menstrual Cycle UPDATE
Discover the stages of the menstrual cycle and learn all about this normal part of growing up.
NOTE: Due to the sensitivity of this topic, consider previewing the movie before showing it to the class.

Asexual Reproduction UPDATE
Is it possible for a parent and child to be twins? Yes it is! Click PLAY to find out how!  

GameUp News

A BIG shout out of CONGRATULATIONS to our game partners who won International Serious Play awards as follows:

Ululab: Gold medal for Slice Fractions 2 

Classroom, Inc: Silver medal for Read to Lead

SpringBay Studio: Bronze medal for iBiome-Ocean


Creative Coding

Our brand-new Creative Coding package will be available just in time for Summer 2018 and the upcoming school year. Our block- and text-based projects are developed based  on Scratch and Vidcode. Designed to seamlessly integrate into what you’re already teaching, Creative Coding makes it simple to introduce coding and provides kids with the opportunity to “show what they know” in a whole different way. Plus, you’ll save 25 percent on Creative Coding if you add it to your subscription before December 31. Learn More and Try it Now!

Family Engagement

With school ending soon, now is a perfect time to remind families that they can use BrainPOP at home during the summer. By simply signing up on the site, families can receive monthly tips and activities for using BrainPOP at home, including four fun-filled summer learning packets featuring reading, writing, math, and physical fitness!

To make it easy for you to pass on this great news, we’ve provided the following email for you to cut, paste, and send to your students’ families.

NOTE:  Remind students of their usernames and passwords so that families can log in at home.


Dear Family,

Our school has a summer subscription to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., award-winning educational websites we trust. As part of that subscription, you have access to these resources at home all year!  

Looking for ideas on how to extend learning at home this summer? BrainPOP’s got you covered! Sign up now at and receive monthly ideas, tips, activities, and more including four upcoming summer learning packets featuring reading, math, writing, and physical fitness.