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December Recap of What’s New at BrainPOP

Posted by jglassman on

BrainPOP wrapped up 2016 with a bunch of new movies and games. Here’s a recap:

New BrainPOP Movies

Pearl Harbor
Tim and Moby take you back in time to December 7, 1941 when Japan launched a surprise attack on American naval forces in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Texas Revolution
Join Tim and Moby to discover how Texas earned its title of the Lone Star State after fiercely fighting for its independence.

Jacques Cousteau
Meet this innovator, adventurer, and filmmaker who brought the mysteries of the underwater world to life, making waves worldwide with his documentaries.


Spongelab Interactive

Strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you build body systems with five brand new  drag-and-drop interactives from our partner Spongelab Interactive.

Build-a-Body: Circulatory System
Build-a-Body: Excretory System
Build-a-Body: Nervous System
Build-a-Body: Respiratory System
Build-a-Body: Skeletal System