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New on GameUp: iCivics

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We are thrilled to present eight new games from our partner iCivics. These fun, interactive simulations invite students to experience government directly by playing a range of roles, from a legislator to a community activist, and more!

Explore all eight iCivic games:

People’s Pie:  Can you do better than the politicians in setting–and sticking to–a national budget? Be careful: the taxpayers have their eyes on you!

Immigration Nation: Guide newcomers along their path to citizenship!

We the Jury:  Analyze evidence, weigh testimony, and reach a fair verdict, all while the clock is ticking!

Counties Work: Help fellow-citizens while managing taxes and local emergencies in the role of county official.

Your Bill of Rights: Run a law firm specializing in constitutional law, matching clients with lawyers who meet their Bill of Rights needs!

Activate:Make a positive change in your community.  Pick an issue, train your staff, and build a campaign that grows into a national effort!

Cast your Vote:  Use your personal interests to drive a political debate: select debate questions, rate the candidates’ responses, and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Represent Me: Work as a legislator trying to meet the needs of their constituents all while running for reelection.

iCivics games come with the SnapThought® tool, which encourages students to write about their thinking while they play.  


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