New Movies on BrainPOP – Bass Reeves and George Washington Carver

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BrainPOP has two new movies this week – Bass Reeves and George Washington Carver!

In our first movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to legendary lawman, Bass Reeves. The American frontier was a fascinating place. As our country pushed toward the Pacific, people at the edge of our nation were met with both opportunities and challenges. It’s no wonder why it’s referred to as the Wild West! But someone had to bring order to the chaos. In this BrainPOP movie, students will trail behind Reeves as he escapes slavery and finds refuge among Indian tribes. See how government-sponsored westward expansion encouraged pioneers, led to new hardships and enabled him to become one of the first ever U.S. Marshals. 

In our second new movie this week, Tim and Moby discuss George Washington Carver, the brilliant botanist who struggled to get an education in the Jim Crow era. Childhood illness led Carver to a lifelong interest in plants. That hobby blossomed into a career as a scientist and an educator. To help farmers keep their soil healthy, Carver traveled throughout the South teaching the importance of crop rotation. He advised planters to alternate their usual crop with peanuts, which returns the essential plant nutrient nitrogen to the earth. To boost the market for peanuts, Carver developed hundreds of peanut-based inventions. K-3 teachers, don’t forget to check out our George Washington Carver movie on BrainPOP Jr.!