BrainPOP Curriculum Connections for September

Posted by SM Bruner on

There are lots of important historical events in September. Let our curriculum connection guide below help you make the most of your BrainPOP subscription this month:

September 1: Germany invaded Poland on this day in 1939, ultimately sparking the second world war. Show our
World War II movie and find out why everyone got involved.

September 6: On Labor Day, use our César Chávez movie to explain the holiday’s significance.

September 8: It’s International Literacy Day! Show movies from our Study and Reading Skills unit or our Reading Skills unit for K-3 on BrainPOP Jr.

September 11: On the anniversary of tragic events of 9/11, use our September 11th movie to help kids make sense of what happened.

September 12: Today is Grandparents Day. Help students under the process of getting older with our movie about Aging.

September 16: Mexican Independence Day marks Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. K-3 teachers can use BrainPOP Jr.’s Mexico movie to help student learn about that country. Students in older grades can watch our Mexican Revolution movie to learn about this later event in Mexico’s history, when President Porfirio Díaz was overthrown.

September 17: National Constitution Day commemorates the historic signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Talk about “the law of the land” with our movie on the Constitution, and have students play our Sortify: Constitution game to test what they know.

September 22: Today marks the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, issued in 1862. Our Slavery and Civil War movies can help students understand the importance of this date.

September 23: Goodbye summer, hello fall! Talk about the shift with our Solstice, Equinox, and Seasons movies. For grades K-3, use our Fall and Seasons movies on BrainPOP Jr.

September 30: Hold your water! Introduce the class to the wonders of the Hoover Dam on the anniversary of its 1935 dedication. Use our movie on Dams or any of our other STEM resources on Engineering and Technology.