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Participate in a “Think Aloud” Study about BrainPOP Educators

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Update – the “think aloud” study has been completed and the survey is closed.

This summer, register to participate in a “think aloud” study of BrainPOP Educators!  A “think-aloud” is an approach we’re using to study how people currently use BrainPOP Educators. We ask test users to verbalize their thoughts so that we gain insights into not only what they are thinking about, but also how they think. When browsing a website, for example, a typical response may be, “I expected A to happen when I clicked this button, but B happened. That was surprising.” Something like that can help us tremendously in evaluating our products and informing our design process!

So, with all the recent updates to BrainPOP Educators, we’re interested to see what you think.

Participation takes about 30-45 minutes. If you’re interested please fill in this short survey, and we’ll be in touch soon to set up a date!



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