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The BrainPOP ELL Placement Test Is Live!

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Big news for BrainPOP ELL! Our brand new Placement Test is an easy way for you to assess your students’ English language proficiency so they can begin using BrainPOP ELL at a level that is just right for them.

Organized in three levels, BrainPOP ELL progresses from beginner to advanced in all areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each level contains six units that build upon each other, and each unit contains five lessons. That’s a total of 90 lessons for the whole program!

You can see how BrainPOP ELL levels align to the three main international organizations for English Language Learners, and the six Placement Test designations as follows:

BrainPOP ELL Levels

The Placement Test assesses students’ receptive language skills using short and extended listening and reading tasks. The length of the audio and written passages increases as levels advance. Depending on how far a student progresses, testing time varies from 15–40 minutes.

The assessment stops at the end of a section if a student answers one third of the questions incorrectly and a result screen appears with a certificate identifying the student’s placement level. The personalized certificate is printable and results can be emailed to a teacher.

The Placement Test was written by Second Language Testing, Inc. (SLTI), a test development company that specializes in the development of language proficiency tests and assessments for English Language Learners.

To find the BrainPOP ELL Placement Test, visit the homepage!

ELL Homepage Placement Test

The BrainPOP ELL Placement Test is currently in beta, which is the last stage of software testing. This means we are refining the technology and identifying any minor errors.  We welcome your feedback, questions, suggestions and more. You can contact us at We also encourage you to complete a Teacher Questionnaire  or an Outcomes Questionnaire on behalf of your student(s).