New on GameUp: Go Vector Go Science Game

Posted by SM Bruner on

We know there are a lot of incredible games coming out of university design programs. We are so excited to welcome UCLA CREEST onboard as a new GameUp partner with the science game Go Vector Go!

In this game, elementary-level students learn by solving force and motion problems involving interactions between force magnitude and direction, friction, slope, mass, and gravity. They also learn through engaging in game mechanics that use accurate physics representations and programming Vector by manipulating parameters of physics factors. Go Vector Go offers adaptive gameplay with a personalized game experience and promotes pattern recognition and data analysis.

Go Vector Go is more than just a fun game: there’s also significant research showing just how effective it is in helping young students learn the more advanced concepts of physics. 277 students in grades K-5 were tested and showed significant improvement after just 45 minutes of gameplay. That’s a .6 effect size!

Like all of the games on GameUp, Go Vector Go has been fully aligned to Common Core State Standards–check out our Lesson Ideas Page for the standards, lesson plan, game trailer, and tips and tricks for implementing Go Vector Go in your classroom.