Can_Can't Graphic Organizer

Can-Can’t Graphic Organizer

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Students can use this Can-Can't graphic organizer to take notes on and discuss abilities of different subjects, using the modal can/can't....

New on GameUp: Go Vector Go Science Game

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We know there are a lot of incredible games coming out of university design programs. We are so excited to welcome UCLA CREEST onboard as a new GameUp partner with the science game Go Vector Go! In...
Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

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Compare and contrast attributes or characteristics of two people, places, or things using this Venn diagram....
Teacher Resources

Math Game Teacher Resources and Assessment Strategies for Employee Lounge

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The screencast outlines teacher resources and assessment strategies for using the “Lure of the Labyrinth Employee Lounge” math game on BrainPOP’s GameUp.  How are you using this game for assess...
The Snapthought Reflection Tool

SnapThought, a Written Reflection Tool

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This screencast illustrates our written reflection tool. Learn how students can take screenshots and write comments on key moments of game play within a selection of GameUp titles. The SnapThought...
Teaching with the Monster School Bus Math Game

More Ideas for Teaching with the Monster School Bus Math Game

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Download additional lesson suggestions for teaching with the Monster School Bus math game from our partner, NMSU. ...
Math Game Graphic Organizer

Employee Lounge Math Game Graphic Organizer

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Download this PDF of a math game graphic organizer to help students assemble their thoughts while playing the Lure of the Labyrinth: Employee Lounge game. You can find more ideas for supporting studen...
teach about holidays

5 Ideas for Using BrainPOP to Teach about Holidays

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A new lesson ideas resource has been added to BrainPOP Educators! In it, you'll find five unique ways that BrainPOP can be used to teach about holidays all year long. These ideas go beyond simple cele...
CItizen Science Game Curriculum

Citizen Science Game Curriculum

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Click to download the Citizen Science Game Curriculum created by Jim Matthews of the Citizen Science Project....
beta testers

BrainPOP’s GameUp: Using “Guts and Bolts” as a Teaching Tool

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This video documents a play testing session for BrainPOP's GameUP science game, "Guts and Bolts," while providing tips and tricks for teachers who wish to use the game as a teaching tool....