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EdWeb Webinar: Educational Games for Girls – Collaboration and Context

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

This Thursday, January 10 at 4pm ET,  join our friends at EdWeb for a compelling webinar.

Presenters: Victoria Van Voorhis, Founder & CEO, Second Avenue Software, and 
Jayne C. Lammers, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education.

Is there a difference between educational games for girls and those for boys? How do girls’ preferences in computer games vary from those of boys? Girls value the opportunity to collaborate with others in solving problems in non-violent, non-competitive contexts. These factors should be considered when designing or evaluating games for the classroom. Join Victoria Van Voorhis and Jayne C. Lammers for our community’s new webinar to learn how to incorporate games into your curriculum to engage all of your students. Join these two experts who have studied girls and gaming from diverse perspectives for the insight you need to make smart choices about games for learning.

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