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Using BrainPOP’s GameUp to Teach About the Solar System

Posted by SM Bruner on

In addition the many movie topic pages on the solar system, BrainPOP also has three dynamic games to help students learn about space in a fun and interactive way!

Build a Solar System allows students to build their own solar system. They can try to find a perfect balance or create a system unlike any we’ve ever seen!

Fly to Mars is a simulation that allows students to launch a spacecraft from Earth to Mars. They’ll need to carefully monitor the position of both planets as they orbit and think carefully about the timing of their launch.

Drake Equation is a chance for students to explore the likelihood of intelligent life beyond our solar system. Students answer questions to see what our chances are of being alone in the universe.

Each game page links to related movie topics pages and a lesson plan which provides ideas for integrating the game into instruction. Teaching about the solar system has never been easier!

Do you have other cool activities and lesson plans for teaching about space and the solar system? Share your ideas in the comments below, or submit a lesson plan!