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New Educators Button, New Educators Features!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

You may have noticed, over the past few days, that the BrainPOP topic pages have a shiny new button called “lesson plans and teaching tools.” Click this BrainPOP Educators button for a whole new entry point to BrainPOP Educators providing topic specific lesson plans, graphic organizers, games, quizzes and more. Our goal is to make a more friendly BrainPOP Educators experience, and reduce the amount of searching you need to do. Also, we’re adding a social layer!  Once you click through to a learning resource, you can leave a comment for how you’re using it!

If you prefer the former BrainPOP Educators experience, you can just click the banner accross the top and return to the same familiar homepage.

These new “lesson plans and teaching tools” pages are the first of many changes for BrainPOP Educators.  We’re making the site more user friendly, just like BrainPOP, but we’d love to hear what you think, and how we could improve.  Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback in the BrainPOP community.