Classroom Activities: Adjectives and Adverbs

Posted by SM Bruner on

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Adjective and Adverbs topic on BrainPOP Jr. Adjective and Noun Give each student an index card or stickie note. Ask half the students to w...
Webinar Schedule

Log On and Learn: BrainPOP’s October Webinar Schedule

Posted by cemignano on

BrainPOP Educators is excited to announce our PD-packed webinar schedule for the month of October! Each week we’ll be hosting free webinars covering a variety of topics. All of our webinars are free a...
Educators button

New Educators Button, New Educators Features!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

You may have noticed, over the past few days, that the BrainPOP topic pages have a shiny new button called "lesson plans and teaching tools." Click this BrainPOP Educators button for a whole new entry...