Visiting the BrainPOP HQ

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Every wonder what the BrainPOP HQ look like? So did the students in BrainPOP Educator Lisa Parisi’s 4th grade class and last week they got the opportunity to visit our headquarters to find out! Students toured the office space, met with some animators, and observed all the hardworking BrainPOP staff working away at their jobs.  When the class returned to Denton Ave school, Lisa game them the following blog assignment:

“Today, we had the unique opportunity to visit the BrainPop Headquarters in NYC. While there, we got to see how they create movies. We also got to share our ideas for new movies. It was a very enlightening trip for all of us. Share what you learned today. Talk about how movies are made. Or maybe about what you were surprised about. How about telling us the highlights of the trip? Perhaps you were inspired to try something on your own. Let us know what inspired you.

Be sure to include:

Your favorite part of the trip

Your most surprising part of the trip

Great language

Excellent editing

A fantastic grabber and a thought-provoking conclusion

Have fun with this blog! It will be your last one of the year!

Lisa believes that allowing her students to share their thoughts online provides them with a larger audience.  So click through, check out more photographs of the BrainPOP digs, and get a few ideas about who you can incorporate blogging into your classroom culture.