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POPstar Lisa Parisi: Flippin’, Researchin’, and Preppin’ with BrainPOP

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Originally Recorded May 2015 We welcome Lisa Parisi, award-winning author, presenter, and global teacher prize finalist, for a conversation about the diverse approaches she takes with BrainPOP and ...

Beyond the Flipped Classroom with POPstar Lisa Parisi

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Originally Recorded February 2014 Some call it the "flipped" classroom with “blended” learning, others call it good instruction that takes advantage of modern technology and media. Either way, jo...

BrainPOP and Project-based Learning- A Perfect Match

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Guest blogger Donna Adams Román shares her approach to project-based learning with the use of BrainPOP. Inspiring independent thinking is a challenge all teachers face. It requires some intention...

Establishing Classroom Routines With Lisa Parisi

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Award-winning Long Island teacher Lisa Parisi offers strategies and activities for establishing shared understandings and effective classroom routines in her elementary school classroom.  Drawing on ...

Visiting the BrainPOP HQ

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Every wonder what the BrainPOP HQ look like? So did the students in BrainPOP Educator Lisa Parisi's 4th grade class and last week they got the opportunity to visit our headquarters to find out! Studen...